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Dubai Aquarium

As previously mentioned, Dubai has plenty of malls to suit all of your shopping needs. We went to three while we were there over the course of five days. We even went to one twice! We never intended on so many visits but it all started with the need to replace the stroller that Egypt Air lost the wheel to. I imagine that the malls are packed in the summer months when it gets too hot to be outside. They were easy to get to by taxi, and all the taxis are metered and very nice, modern cars. The taxi from the airport even offers a car seat (Britax brand!!!). The taxi drops you at the door and when you are ready to leave, plenty are waiting to take you back to whence you came.

The malls are filled with shops from the UK and the US. Everything you want is available, although prices are high they didn’t seem as high as prices in Egypt. The malls have more than just shops, restaurants, and movie theaters. They are equipped with ski slopes, ice skating, snow ball fights, and aquariums! We watched the snow festivities from the window on the floor above, but got very excited about the aquarium. So did Sebastian.

The Dubai Aquarium is located at the Dubai Mall. There is a tunnel you walk through with sharks, rays, and fish of all shapes and sizes swimming over you and around you. Sebastian was mesmerized. So were we. Although it was difficult to stop staring at the reaction on his face to all of the fish all around him and look at the fish myself. After the tunnel we went into the area where there were more fish and sea animals kept in sizable aquariums of their own at the level of children. From jelly fish to sea otters we all enjoyed a little sea life at our fingertips.

Dubai Mall/Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Mall/Dubai Aquarium

Finding Nemo

Dubai Mall/Dubai Aquarium

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  1. Those photos of Sebastian in front of the aquarium glass looking at the sea life are breathtaking and beautiful! I just love them! Missing you at Christmas time. love you, Erika


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