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Werribee Open Range Zoo

Sebastian’s Granny and Pop (ali’s parents) took us to the Werribee Open Range Zoo while we were in Australia. Animals there actually have the space to run around and live in a space akin to their own habitat, even among other animals. It’s the closest thing to going on an African Safari without actually going on one! A dream come true for me; although my dream is to take Sebastian on a real African Safari for his third birthday (wouldn’t that be the coolest?!).

Sebastian on Safari

I have an interesting history with zoos. I went through a period of time were I was very anti-zoo. When I was a freshman in college I had to write a persuasive paper and chose to write about Zoos: Inhumane homes or refuges? I learned a lot about zoos and how different zoos operate. I learned that every zoo is an individual case for how and where they get their animals and also how they house them. Some zoos are not humane and I won’t visit them. I’d say the zoo in Egypt would fit that list. But there are many other zoos that are doing things right. One of them is the Detroit Zoo; many of their animals have been rescued from situations less than ideal (the lion housed there used to live in a crack house).

Werribee Open Range Zoo is another one of those places that is doing things right. The animals have so much space that we took a big safari type bus around to see them all. They can do things like mark their territory with their dung (rhinos) and hang out with the zebras in their free time.

Werribee Open Range Zoo

There are walks you can also go on to see different animals up close, through bushes, near trees. There was a moat separating us from the cheetahs to keep them from racing towards us and with a glass wall nearby so the cheetah could also walk right up to us, checking us out without feeling caged. This picture below is not cropped. The cheetah came this close to us and then turned the other way once reaching the glass.

Hello Cheetah

Sebastian enjoyed seeing the animals, but the bus ride got to be a bit too much for him toward the end as he was getting a bit sleepy. It’s one of those things you say you are doing for the little guy but there is a part of you that really wants to enjoy it too. He enjoyed being in the stroller and getting picked up by his dad to see the animals and other fun things, but was asleep as we walked up to the exit.

Our gorgeous boy in one of the zoos exhibits.

Werribee Open Range Zoo

For the rest of the photos, here is the guest past on flickr. Enjoy!