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Sebastian’s Latest News

I haven’t had much time to update about things with Sebastian as of late. As you know we went to Australia for the holidays so Sebastian could meet Ali’s dad and other great people in the region. We stayed for a month and during this time we didn’t have any therapies. Although I had researched things we could do, everyone was closed for the holidays. Settling back into Cairo was challenging with jet lag and then we went right into therapies.

When I hear from friends they always want to know how Sebastian is doing. Sebastian is doing ok. I could really see a difference in him without therapy and while it’s important for him to have the social time and family time that he got while we were there, he also needs the therapy time, which is why I want so badly to be in a place where he can have all of it.

We have been busy with therapies since we returned and Sebastian has been doing some awesome things like reaching up to crab for toys while laying on his side, extending those back muscles needed for crawling, rolling over onto his tummy and working really hard to get that one arm out from under him that always gets stuck and being so proud of himself for doing so! He’s taking steps with my support, we walk around the apartment, me holding him up and him deciding whether to jump or lift one foot in front of the other. He’s moving beyond the jumping and really taking those steps. He wants to get around so badly.

He’s eating lots of chopped up foods (no more purees, except for chicken), and working on chewing, pulling the spoon to his mouth, opening wide and shoving it in, even though the food falls off most of the time. He’s making achievements a little at a time and he is so proud of himself each time. When he accomplishes something he smiles so big and so wide. We are using boardmaker cards (picture cards with words) to communicate making choices. We keep practicing mimicing tongue and mouth movement and making sounds back and forth. Something fun we have started doing is calling Ali ‘papa-daddy’ in case the ‘p’ sound is easier than the ‘d’ sound for him to make. He knows his daddy and looks in his direction so we attached papa to it so he can understand that they mean the same thing. He laughs or smiles really big each time and looks at his dad. He loves the sound that ‘p’ makes.

Since I’ve started laying down with Sebastian (reading or napping too) his startles/seizures have stopped because he is getting the sleep he needs. Back to our routine he is able to get an hour and a half to two hours of sleep.

I’ve written an extensive update about Sebastian’s achievements, therapies and equipment stuff as well as some future plans over at Sebastian Can Do. So to find out all his news, head on over there. This is just a sneak peak.

I’ve been taking some videos and planning to take some pictures during therapy that I will be posting over there in the next week or so too. Just need to get the internet connection to cooperate. 🙂


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  1. Kara Melissa, I’m not sure that is what I should call you but I wanted to tell you how appreciative that you took the time to visit our blog. You now have another regular reader and I plan to spend time here getting to know you and your family.

    If you would e-mail me (benwaddell@bellsouth.net) I would love to show you some artwork. Thanks again!


  2. How wonderful you saw the difference that therapy is making in his life. Remember these advances when the schedule is grueling and demanding. 😉


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