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Sebastian’s First Hair Cut

Sebastian had his first hair cut today. We didn’t want to cut his hair, but  he kept grabbing onto it unintentionally when his arms went above his head and he couldn’t let go, resulting in a lot of painful handfuls of hair. His long locks hid the ‘baldish’ areas. With much trepidation we decided it was best for the little guy to get a new, shorter do.

I did a comb forward for the before pic and a little spike for the after. We were not going to go for the buzz cut and decided to keep the long bit in the back where it curls up because he can’t reach that part and it’s cute as ever.


2 thoughts on “Sebastian’s First Hair Cut”

  1. Hi Kara, Seb is adorable, as always! First haircuts are difficult, for sure; I remember feeling quite sad after Declan’s. We received our calendar in the mail, Saturday, and I am amazed at how beautiful it is. The pictures are so evocative; I think that rather than sadly part with them, I might frame them when the year is over. Keep up the brilliant work! Much love, Katherine


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