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Who rocks the party? Sebastian rocks the party!

This has been a pretty fun week with Sebastian. His therapies were canceled on Monday and Tuesday, so we had some adventures on our own. Sebastian has been really shining this week in so many ways.

Just want to remember these fun firsts.

We have been laughing together all week. Sebastian has been laughing at me and then with me. Or visa versa. In the past, he has laughed at me and then when I laugh he stops and stares at me with a funny face, especially if the laughter is loud. He’s still not a big fan of sudden, loud noises.

During dinner the other night Sebastian tooted (farted). He looked at me and I said, ‘Did you toot?’ He laughed out loud. I laughed back. Then we laughed together. I asked him again to see if he was laughing at the word toot, or the way I said it and he didn’t. He clearly thought the act of tooting during dinner was funny.

Sebastian let out a long sigh the other afternoon. I don’t remember what it was in response to, but it was a real sigh, not an ‘I’m catching my breath’ sigh, which he does sometimes. He let out his long sigh and then I laughed at him and he looked at me and laughed back.

Communicating. Sebastian has been making lots of noises all week back and forth with me and his daddy. Even on the phone with my mom today. A couple times while we were walking around together he just leaned on me and hummed and made short sounds. He takes in a breath and lets it out making a sound, purposefully. When his dad came home from work last night and asked him about his day, he made a sound back. Each time we ask him a question, he responds with a sound. And we we tell him a story or point something out, he smiles in acknowledgment.

Physically Sebastian has been rockin’ out too. One afternoon he was on his knees and I was holding him up. I said, ‘let’s go get the ball’ and he moved quickly on his knees over to the ball and was very pleased with himself once we got there.

We did have therapy yesterday. When the session first started, there was another therapist in the room observing. He kept looking up at her to see if she was watching and then smiling at her. He was on his tummy for at least 10 minutes straight and happily so. He was moving his arms up above his head, working so hard to get them unstuck from beneath him and smiling upon each accomplishment. He reached up for his toy and rolled over to his side to reach the toy as well as reached out from on his tummy to get the toy. Once he’s onto his tummy and his arms are up and out, he moved his legs to work on crawling. When he was on his knees he kept dropping his head forward as he was tired and we encouraged him to pull up his head. So he did and straightened up his back and looked up at us, smiling with pride. He’s been walking lots, with our support holding him up. When he’s on his back, he is trying to pull his legs up to scoot on his own, moving towards me when I am sitting behind him.

We had to go get photos for our upcoming visa renewal and Sebastian had to sit on a chair to get his passport-type photo. I put my hands on his waist and kept him from falling, he sat up very sturdy and straight and looked at the photographer. Usually he smiles right away for photos but he was very serious and waited until the third photo to smile. He looked like such a big boy in his photo.

Sebastian has been grabbing his cup and pulling it to his mouth to drink; he has a sippy cup with handles on either side. During meals, he’s been grabbing the spoon and working so hard to get it to his mouth. He opens his mouth and chomps down on the food. His chewing has been AWESOME this week. He gums are starting to get tender and swollen where his incisors are coming in.

Sleep hasn’t been the best this week, he’s been up an hour or two each night, due to gassy tummy. This would be my fault since I made a lasagna for my birthday with a cream sauce and had cheesecake for my birthday too. Bad mommy. So we’ve been napping together, and I catch up on my sleep and we have lots of energy and fun which is good when Ali is working late, which has been much of this week too.

It’s been a really awesome week with Sebastian. We’ve both been so happy and having so much fun together. I am so proud of him and all the hard work he is doing and excited to see him being proud of himself and enjoying life too.


3 thoughts on “Who rocks the party? Sebastian rocks the party!”

  1. Kara! Happy late birthday! I hope you had a lovely birthday and that every one treated you like a queen! All the kids are asleep right now and I’ve been enjoying a cup of coffee and taking a peak at your blog to see what you’re up to. I love reading about Sebastian’s progress and other cute little tid bits; I’m so proud of him! He sounds like a little flirt. Willie also just got his first haircut a few weeks ago. Cool!

    Hey, I’ll email soon and let you know how much money I have in total for the calendars. I’m not sure how many sold at the school… I didn’t make it there last Friday but I’m going in the morning to pick them up and collect money. So, I’ll send an email soon and get your mom’s address so I can send a check. I miss you so much Kara!
    Love you


  2. Kara, Happy Belated birthday 🙂
    Wow Seb sounds like he is having a real growth spurt! I love the way you describe him laughing at his tooting! hilarious and such a boy! Bron xo


  3. So sweet :-). You bought a smile to my face when I read this. It’s so great you’re having so much fun together – and I am sure the sleepless nights were worth the birthday treats – you just have to do these things sometimes ;-).


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