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We and the Banyan Tree

For our day out this week we ventured back downtown and over to the Cairo Tower (pics later). The road leading to the tower is the home of an ancient Banyan Tree that we decided was the perfect spot for a family photo shoot since the I LOVE trees. Especially Banyan trees.

Cairo Tower Views

Banyan Tree Bliss

Banyan Tree Biss

Take note of the fabulous baby carrier I have thanks to a good friend of ours that brought it over on a visit from the states. I can carry Sebastian on my front or on my back. We just started him on my back as Ali has to be with me for that one. It is supportive enough for Sebastian, it just looks like his head is leaning back because Ali was getting him to look at the camera.


5 thoughts on “We and the Banyan Tree”

  1. Kara and Ali- Seb looks so cute in the last pic! Look at his little face and eyes saying “hey I am part of the in crowd” ! lol He looks great! Hope you guys are all well. We miss you in Melbourne! Bron, Andrew, Coops and Peps xo


  2. You guys look awesome! What a great place for a pic. I’m so glad that carrier works out; I remember when you thought the Ergo wouldn’t be supportive enough when Seb was small, but that looks like an Ergo. Yay!


  3. The baby carrier is by Boba, organic material. I love it. It’s super comfortable and even has a place for feet to rest in, although Sebastian’s legs don’t seem to be long enough for that yet. We usually use it on the front but it’s fun trying it out on the back as well. Makes me want to go hiking! It’s for ages 1-4years. They also have a newborn version.


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