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Sun-Day Out

After we made a stop at the banyan tree for an impromptu photo shoot, we continued on to the Cairo Tower. The tallest building in Cairo, and also the most expensive. The view was extensive, it was a clear day so we could see to the pyramids. And the great desert beyond. Ali was less than impressed since he works on the 21st floor and sees the pyramids on most clear days. I enjoyed the difference in perspective.  Sebastian wasn’t too impressed, but we did get some good photos.

Cairo Tower Views
Tower among trees.

Seb and Daddy
Feeling a little sleepy.

Cairo Tower Views
Take a closer look to see the pyramids in the distance.

Cairo Tower Views
Buildings into the horizon beyond the Nile.

For the rest of the photos, take a look at the flickr set. The banyan tree photos are also included in this Cairo Tower set.

We also had a quick trip to Bouloq Fabric Market. I’ve been getting excited about some sewing projects I’m going to embark on while at my mom’s this summer (where I have a sewing machine!). I picked out a few different fabrics at VERY low prices and I am coming up with some ideas for them. The market wasn’t fully opened, though it was still crowded and got to be a bit much for Sebastian at the end. There were woman seated with piles of clothes for sale in front of them, closed grated doors behind them. A few were open, and we could catch a glimpse of the shops of market past. This market used to be for car parts of all kinds and it’s now mixed with the fabrics and clothes trying to take over. It would certainly be a sight when all the shops and stalls are open.

Bouloq Fabric Market
Photo by Ali

Aside from colorful fabrics at good prices, I enjoyed the pretzel boy carrying a crate of large pretzels on his head for sale. I must also mention the ice cream man and his colorful cart, with a matching popcorn cart sidekick, both looking like they belonged at a circus. And the hard working sweet potato seller, trying to maneuver his heavy cart amongst the busy market goers, us included.

For more market photos, go here.


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