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Easter Sunrise

When I was a kid I remember sitting around the large kitchen table, drawing on hard boiled eggs with white crayons and taking turns dipping them in pastel colors, using the special wire egg holder created just for this need. Sometimes we would dip the hole egg into one color. Green. Purple. Yellow. Orange. Turquoise. Pink. Other times we would try to demonstrate our egg coloring expertise by dipping the bottom half in yellow, then flipping the egg in our trusty wire holder and dipping the top half in turquoise. The eggs would go back into the cardboard egg carton and into the fridge, about two or three dozen of them.

I’m trying to recall whether we got our Easter baskets before or after church. I’m pretty sure we got them before, because pictures always included us in our pajamas, much like Christmas morning. We had the BEST Easter Candy. We didn’t know it then, but my mom would stay up late at night the weeks leading up to Easter making our candy out of milk chocolate, white chocolate, and carob. She’d buy the chocolate/carob in bulk and melt them down before pouring them into the plastic molds. She would make solid Easter Bunnies and lots of lolly-pop chocolates, some of my favorites were in the shapes of Care Bears and E.T., and of course little chicks in cracked open eggs, tiny milk chocolate eggs and bunnies. She would wrap them in shiny foil, pink, purple and turquoise. The only store bought candy we had were peanut M&M’s, pastel colors of course, and sometimes chocolate covered almonds dipped in pastel candy coating. It was a real treat for us because we didn’t get candy throughout the year, only on special occasions. I remember when I was old enough to understand that my mom made all of our Easter candy. She became even more amazing to me.

After finding our baskets and eating one piece of candy, it was time to get into our Sunday best. Just for the occasion each of us got a new outfit, I usually chose a white or pastel colored dress to go with the season. Which meant I got a new pair of shoes, white shoes. Because we all know you can’t wear white shoes until Spring. My mom would take us to the Easter Sunrise Service at church and we’d stay for the breakfast afterward. It was an early service. While we were at church my dad would stay behind and hide all the eggs we had stayed up coloring the night before. We had a huge yard and he always hid them in very tricky places. Sometimes my mom would help hide them too, us kids staying in the house with our Easter basket treats while Mom and Dad were out creating the trickiest Easter Egg Hunt ever.

These were traditions that I am sure was passed down from their own childhoods; Easter baskets with chocolates and eggs on Easter Sunday morning, an Easter Egg hunt in the afternoon. And it was fun. And these traditions created memories that I still smile about and enjoy. Which is the sole reason I do an Easter Basket for Sebastian. [I do one for ali just because he loves chocolate.]

Easter Basket TimeEaster Basket TimeEaster Basket TimeEaster Basket Time

Easter Basket Time

Last year ali was in Sudan and my friend D was here to celebrate with Sebastian and I. For Sebastian’s Easter basket I bought a wooden basket with some wooden eggs at a local bazaar. This year I finally got around to painting some of them. The elephant represents one of the characters in the children’s book I am writing and was hand made by a group in Mokatum. And Sebastian got cookies instead of chocolate and a versy fuzzy chick-a-dee all the way from Dundee, Scotland. Thanks Auntie Gillian.

Happy Easter everyone!


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  1. Wow! What special memories you’ve shared and gorgeous photos! Happy Easter to you all xo


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