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Alexandria Again

We went to Alexandria last weekend with both of Sebastian’s Feldenkrais/ABM therapists. We were meeting up with a woman who has been training in the Muskatova therapy as well as ABM. Her son also has CP and is 12. She was very generous and taught us some of the things she has been learning and did a few things with Sebastian. Unfortunately, he was too tired for much, but his body was so relaxed and he really responded well to the therapy. I would like to learn more about it. It works on integrating the primitive reflexes. One of the things I really liked about it was how the therapist takes time to make a connection with the child, speaking quietly, doing massage compressions and creating a safe environment. Ali took a couple videos which I plan to post over at Seb Can Do, will note when that happens.

We also had some time to walk along the corniche towards the boat dock area and Fort Quaitbey. It was a Friday so all the families were out enjoying the cool breeze and sunny weather.

Down By the Sea I love the colorful boats resting in the sea.

Down By the Sea Sebastian was interested in watching the kids play catch.

Down By the Sea

Down By the Sea Such a big boy now.

Down By the Sea Fair Floss Anyone? Or as we say in America, Cotton Candy?

Although Alexandria was louder than I remembered, it was still a nice get away from Cairo. We stayed in the hotel that we usually stay at, right on the corniche with a sea view, which means lots of horn honking all night long!

For the rest of the photos on flickr: Alex Again This is the guest pass so you can see all the gorgeous pics of Seb.


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  1. Hi Kara. I was just poking around for more details on your move to Toronto. I’ll keep checking in… i’m very excited to hear more. Enjoyed these lovely pictures. miss you monica


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