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I tried to write this before we left Egypt, but didn’t have time! Packing and saying goodbyes will do that…Now we are getting settled for our summer in Mi and about to head off for a couple short road trips so I thought I would try to wrap things up with Egypt. If one can do that.

Word on the street is that we are leaving town for good. Ali got a job in Toronto and until it’s time to make that big move, we are staying at my mom’s in Michigan. Sebastian and I will stay and Ali will return to Cairo after his three week holiday with us. He’ll wait until all things new job are ready for him and organize our things to be packed up and shipped out.

Now that we have left I still feel a part of me is there, like we are just on holiday. Although I said my goodbyes and walked beneath the flame trees, visiting favorite shops and peering into old villas before we left, I still feel we will return. Perhaps it’s because everything wasn’t packed up before we left, so I didn’t have that walk through the empty rooms for closure. It feels strange, but good too.

Since Ali applied for the job a couple months ago, I’ve been thinking about the things I will miss about living in Egypt and the things I will not miss. While I’m walking around the streets of Maadi I start my list in my mind but getting the chance to write it down proves more challenging. Sometimes the list making kept me sane, especially on the days I was really ready to leave. Since I’ve left, it’s a little easier to think about Cairo in a more objective view. So here goes, in no particular order:

Flame Trees

Top 10 things I will miss about living in Egypt
1. Friends and community
2. Our neighborhood: Degla, Maadi
3. Flowering trees, especially the Flame Trees
4. The weather
5. The LRC (Sebastian’s therapy place)
6. The CSA and Cooks Day Off
7. Family fun at Maadi Club and weekend explorations
8. The color of life in an unorganized place without many rules
9. Our house cleaner
10. Tag along business trips with Ali to ‘exotic’ locations

Top 10 things I will NOT miss about living in Egypt
1. The dust
2. Crazy drivers
3. Not being able to wear what I want, especially in hot weather
4. Being so far from family
5. The noise
6. The pollution
7. Being stared at in the way a woman does not want to be stared at by men
8. The call to prayer at 4am
9. Not being able to get the things we need all the time
10. Language and cultural barriers

Sebastian's 2nd Birthday


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  1. I am so excited for you all as you embark on this next great adventure! Enjoy your time closer to your family. xo


  2. kara kara kara… i love your lists. And I’m so glad you’re back on my side of the globe. Let’s talk on the phone! 928 525 6840


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