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Happy Birthday Josh

Forever 15. You would have turned 29 today. Thinking of what our world would be like with you still in it. I’m creating memories that will never exist. But I see your smile. Faintly hear your laughter. And try to remember your embrace. I carry my last birthday card with your signature on it. The tiny smile-ly face, etched next to your name. And the real memory of talking to you on the phone from my dorm room at Hope College. Listening to my roommate’s 80’s music in the background. Your childhood favorite. We Built This City. I was 19. When you went under the water. And came up too late. For your last birthday, I don’t recall. Perhaps you spent it with friends. Summertime Rolls. But today you are with me. And we celebrated together. Walking down the road with my son. My face sun-kissed as the white fluffy clouds floated against a deep blue sky. The morning mist subsided, allowing us a late afternoon walk. I sang Happy Birthday to you. And remembered the time you were walking next to me. Where we grew up. All those years ago.

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  1. Oh Kara… You always know how to touch people’s hearts. Is there a greater tragedy than losing the ones we love? May God always give you the strength to cope with losses… And again you make your writing sound like a (sometimes sad) melody, to my ears. You are truly gifted.


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