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Sebastian meets his Grandpa

Sebastian meets his Grandpa

While Ali was in Michigan we drove down to Kentucky to see my dad and introduce him to Sebastian. My dad lives in the mountains/countryside of Kentucky and it’s beautiful. It’s also an eight hour drive away, so this was the first time we were able to make the trip. He’s building a house with a fabulous porch equipped with three rocking chairs, which made for lovely breakfasts and catching up time.

Sebastian meets his Grandpa

Sebastian enjoyed meeting his Grandpa, but could have done without the ticks. He had one stuck under his armpit and that was a bit traumatic getting it out, for all of us. Ali wasn’t a big fan of the little red buggers either, and I thought I was home free until I chose to wear a dress on our leaving day and had two of my own ticks to dig out before we hit the road. Aside from the ticks, the countryside was gorgeous. Green, full trees. Colorful butterflies and flowers in bloom.

Nature Walk

We learned a few things about taking Sebastian on a road trip. The eight hour drive easily tuned into eleven after stopping often to give him a break. He’s not a huge fan of long car rides. Next time we embark on such an adventure we will stretch it out over a couple of days and find a place to stop with something fun to do along the way, a proper road trip. We were in a bit of a time crunch so we didn’t have that option this time around. But the trip was well worth it and we are looking forward to next time, when we can stay a bit longer and spend more time enjoying Kentucky and visiting with my dad. There’s even a fishing trip to look forward to. My dad will take us out in his fishing boat, for Sebastian’s first fishing trip. Maybe for his third birthday.

Sebastian meets his Grandpa

On the way back up to Michigan we stopped in Lexington to visit some friends of mine I used to teach on Saipan with. It had been eight years since we’d seen each other. We found ourselves introducing our children to each other and watching them happily read books together in their little chair. They were generous in opening up their home to us and having us for dinner.

There are loads of photos from our short stay. About half of them are private, so if you need a guest pass let me know. My Dad’s Place flickr set.As always, it’s posted on my profile on Facebook.


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