Somehow my wordpress app on our iPad replaced the Seizure Saga post with today’s July 2 post. But it kept the comments so it doesn’t make any sense. I feel deflated. I don’t have a back up as I haven’t been using my computer as it’s not working properly. If any of my fellow readers somehow saved my post or had it emailed to you (no idea how that works) could you PLEASE contact me. I would be grateful.

So we trudge on. And hope the day gets better. That I will feel a little less sad. And that there are no seizures.

love love love


3 thoughts on “Frick”

  1. Haram habibti. That sux big-time. I tried searching cached versions, no luck. Was that your first time posting via iPad?


  2. Yes, first time to post, although I had been working on drafts no problem. Have no idea what happened. Thanks for looking.


  3. Papa Daddy is one step ahead of me. I was going to suggest searching cached :-(. That really does suck. Hope you’re somehow able to retrieve it xoxoxo


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