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July 2

Sebastian woke up just before 4am this morning. While I nursed him back to sleep I thought about the date. Fourteen years ago my brother Josh drowned. Nearly as long as he was on this earth with us. I heard a crash outside on the road. As I watched the flashing light from a police car arriving at the accident scene I thought of the day we were in the ICU. I remember a family who was also camped out on the waiting room couches waiting for news about their young daughter after she had been in a car accident. I wondered if another soul was leaving the earth just now. I waited for the sound of the ambulance, but there was none. I said a silent prayer for those involved in the accident. After about an hour the lights stopped flashing and everything was quiet.

Quiet. From Josh’s birthday on June 9th until today, a lot of memories flood back. It’s a period of time when I think about my brother the most. Our childhood together. Being in Michigan brings those memories closer to my heart, whilst during travels I am able to hold them at bay. For most, this weekend is a holiday. Fireworks. BBQ’s. Friends. Family. For us it’s quiet. A quiet remembering of one awesome soul. Who brought much laughter, love, and friendship. To all who were lucky enough to know him.

Will post some photos later today of some of those childhood memories.


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