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Biker Boy

Our last two days at Euro-Peds, over a week ago now, Sebastian was able to try out the bike. He absolutely loved it. So much that when we got into the elevator to go to an area where he could ride some more, he got very upset. He didn’t want to stop! We got an estimate for a bike like the one we tried, a little over $3900. Yes, that’s nearly $4000 for a bike. A special bike. You know you will see a fundraiser or some kind of plan in the future to get Sebastian that bike. He really enjoyed it and it was excellent exercise and muscle/strength building for him. And I like to do all things that make him happy. I’m thinking third birthday. So we have a while to save up and raise some money. And I’m going to open an etsy shop. But more on that later. For now, some groovy pics of our little man.

Euro-Peds Last Day

Euro-Peds Last Day

There is a handle in the back that can direct the bike as you push it. Once Sebastian learns how to pedal on his own, there is more independence involved and less pushing. He would also be able to steer on his own with the bike. It’s likely a bike like this would last Sebastian a few years, which is obviously a plus where cost is involved. I just love to see him moving around and having fun.

For the rest of the Euro-Peds and bike photos, revisit the Euro-Peds set on flickr.


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