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Euro-Peds Wrap Up

Two weeks went by fast. The first week Sebastian did very well with the length of the sessions, which I had been worried about. He was used to one hour therapy sessions and these would last two. The last half hour was always massage so that was a good cool down for him. The second week was more challenging because we had to do a change in his seizure medications, as we are trying to ween him off trileptal so that he is only on keppra. This made him super tired in the morning the first few mornings after the change in doses, which made therapy very challenging. So we ended a few of the sessions early, but by the end of the week he was starting to get back to his old self. There was a bonus for the last two days with the bike ride and his cousin, Ethan, was able to come along on Friday.

Sebastian worked really had on rolling from his tummy to his back, which is more challenging for him than rolling from his back to his tummy. He also worked on sitting up and bearing weight on his hands and arms. As well as side sitting and leaning on each side, working towards balance and putting his arms out when he falls.

Euro-Peds Last Day

And of course there was tummy time in all sort of disguises to build up that head control. Sebastian also started reaching for toys while sitting, which is awesome. On the last day, he purposefully reached and pushed a toy to get a sound twice in a row!

Euro-Peds Last Day

This is a big deal for us because up until now we do a lot of the interaction with the toys for Sebastian. I am excited he is able to take that next step. Whenever therapists ask me about my goals for Sebastian, one of them is always to get him playing with toys independently. It seems like a right of passage for children, don’t you think?

Euro-Peds Last Day

He’s also a big fan of piano keys and music makers. Nothing too loud, of course!

Would we do Euro-Peds again? Well, they’ve given us a home program to do, with video to help. We were able to try a couple of gait trainers as well as the bike. We met some wonderful people, both staff and other families that attend. But we also used the basic services they have, because that’s where Sebastian’s needs were. By basic, I mean the traditional physiotherapy plus the massage and stretch sessions, no frills like the activities with the cage or the therasuit. Next time our insurance won’t cover it so I would like to make sure that we are doing something we can’t get elsewhere, like the latter two. I liked the massage and stretching they did at the end of the session, it wasn’t needed at the beginning because Sebastian does not have tight/spastic tone.

But my favorite therapy, still ABM. Hands down. I do know that Sebastian did benefit from Euro-Peds and I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to try it out while we were still covered by international insurance.


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