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Reunited and Relocated


Two months and four days. That’s how long Ali was in Cairo and Sebastian and I were in Michigan. Until we met at the Windsor train station. Finally. Together. Again. And then. We went on a long train ride. Well, not so long, to Toronto. Which is where we live now. Together. Again. And we love it.

We are staying downtown on the twenty-fourth floor of a somewhat swanky condo building with very small rooms. But a fairly nice view of Lake Ontario through the other tall office buildings dotting the landscape. I saw a triple sail boat the other day and I thought perhaps it could be a pirate ship. In my imagination. We are also right next to the Air Canada Centre where we were able to watch all the tweenies line up hours before Justin Beiber took the stage this evening. I didn’t even know who he was until two months ago. Union Station is across the street, which makes getting out and about town very easy.

The first week we arrived we were driven around by a friendly relocation agent to see many apartments in houses, and in buildings, and then we saw some houses. All for rent. In neighborhoods all over town. High Park. Bloorwest Village. Yonge and Eglinton. The Beaches. Leslieville. (ok, we ventured to the Beaches and Leslieville on our own.) And then to The Danforth. Which was where we found the house that we will rent. For 14 months. It’s perfect. Fully furnished with a slight Asian charm. A front porch, sunroom, a back deck, with a garden/yard in the back. Perfect for making snow people in the winter. For the very first time with Sebastian. Because, you know, they don’t have snow in Cairo.

We move in the first weekend of September. And we are excited. Until then we will explore downtown on the weekends and learn the bus routes and subway routes to and from therapies. Sebastian and I are already getting into the swing of that, I just wish he liked the subway more often. It’s a bit loud for him. Hopefully we can rely on buses more once we move. And maybe we will even get a car. Like other North Americans. We will see how the budget goes. Because therapies cost more here than they do in Cairo! And there are more of them to do! And you know I will tell you about that later.

But look, here is a not-so-great picture of our new house. Imagine what the great pictures will look like!

Future home of the Sharp's


4 thoughts on “Reunited and Relocated”

  1. It really just brings tears to my eyes watching you all be a family again. YOu are all so beautiful and so in love and so happy that i am so thrilled for you all to be settling in Toronto. Would some little ear muffs help Seb in the subway perhaps? We still have noise issues too xx. Love to you and I hope one day to visit your beautiful new home 🙂


  2. Your new casa looks very cozy! I’d love to sit on that porch with you and drink some chai. I’m glad you guys are all together again and experiencing exciting new beginnings together. All the little kinks will work out eventually; be gentle with yourself sweet mama! Love you


  3. Thinking of you guys this weekend as you move in. What a lovely picture of you all together again! That’s pure joy in your face, Mama.


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