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It’s Our Anniversary

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On September 7th, 2006 I married my true love. We stood in a small chapel in Little Gidding located in the English countryside where T.S. Elliot spend enough time to write one of his quartets, entitled ‘Little Gidding’. We wrote our own vows and cried as each other read them. We spend our wedding and reception seeing only each other. It was our day.

My husband is an amazing father. I recently made this statement to one of Sebastian’s therapists. She quickly asked whether he was a good husband. I smiled and said ‘yes, he is a wonderful husband.’ and he is.

My husband makes makes me laugh even when I try really hard not to. He reminds me not to be so serious all that time and he tries to take my worries away. He never forgets to be a husband and a father and I think that’s amazing because sometimes I’m so busy being a mother, I need the reminder that I am a wife to. Wife to a man who loves to love me and shows it in many ways.

Thank you, ali, for our life together. It’s been an adventure since the day we met on that tropical island six years ago. And it will continue to be an adventure unfolding before us as we take one step at a time, hand in hand.


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  1. Kara and Ali, Congratulations on your anniversary. You are such a beautiful couple and I still remember meeting you both and thinking how in love you were and are and with that you can achieve and tackle anything xo love to you both, xo


  2. Thanks so much ladies. I miss you both and your fabulous families too. I wish we could all be neighbors. Maybe someday!


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