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The Beaches ‘n Stuff

Almost Family Photo, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

Just because. My family is so awesome. And our son’s smile is so irresistible. And we’ve been way too busy to say much of anything…ali working late and being out of town, battling sickness, taking busses to therapies, making phone calls and filling out applications for more waiting lists. Visiting preschools/nurseries (okay, just one so far and another next week).

And enjoying our new home town. We went to the Beaches a couple of weekends ago and took loads of photos with my camera phone. The fall colors were just starting to change and the sky was crisp blue. The water of Lake Ontario was cold and a little choppy, but not too much for skipping rocks, as Ali tried to teach Sebastian a little lesson.

With many thoughts in my mind, and emails/messages to respond to, I leave you with a link to a variety of photos for your viewing pleasure in the phone pics set.


2 thoughts on “The Beaches ‘n Stuff”

  1. As always I love looking at your pictures and seeing what you guys have been up to. I love love love Seb’s smile. Gosh, it just melts you.


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