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One Step at a Time

Every so often I come across an amazing story about someone with cerebral palsy doing something inspiring, innovative and just purely amazing. Recently I read about a man who climbed a mountain to raise money for a camp for the disabled. Awesome. Today, I’m going to tell you about two of the coolest cats I know, who will inspire you without a doubt.

The two boys in the above photo are just finishing kinder. S is on the left and he’s six. Cooper is on the right and he’s five. They live in Melbourne, Australia and we met them on our trip there last Christmas. Their mums (and families) are equally awesome. You can read about them on N0thing But Everything and Big Brother, Little Sister. The reason we all came together was because they both have the same kind of CP as Sebastian. I get a lot of inspiration and support from both of their mums; I know this journey would be a lot more difficult without them.

What are these kiddos doing at such a young age that is so inspiring? They are walking marathons AND raising money. All of their own volition.

For the third year in a row S is doing a marathon with an organization called CPEC (Cerebral Palsy Education Centre), having raised $4000 across these three years. He does his laps in his walker. This year he plans to do the last lap on his own, without his walker. I remember first reading about S doing the marathon on the blog. I was in awe. And so excited for the possibilities of the future. S is still working on raising money for this years walk, so please stop by his blog to find out how you can help.

Cooper and his family are traveling to Cambodia in November. His mum wanted to prepare her kids for the trip, give them an idea on what life is like there for some children. Together they learned that many kids living in small villages do not have the money to go to school. Cooper decided he wanted to raise money so kids could go to school. He will be doing a walk of his own, in his walker, around a park to raise funds. He is raising money for a non-profit organization called New Hope. He set out to raise $500. He has already raised over $7700. If he gets to $9000, these kids will get a new kindergarten. Cooper is currently training by walking a certain distance daily.

I am so proud to know these little boys and their families. They are changing this world. One step at a time.

Please visit the blogs/sites linked above if you would like to donate.


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  1. Beautiful! I love hearing about amazing people who shine their lights upon this world. We need more sun rays!


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