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Both Hands

Both Hands

Colorful fingers. Paint everywhere. Freshly painted artwork posted on the fridge. I always imagined doing artwork with my child.

Sebastian is still pretty interested in trying to put the paint brush into his mouth, but we are working to help him to make a connection with the color and the paper, using his fingers, hands, and paintbrush. He chose the blue paintbrush and then the blue paint by reaching out and grabbing the preferred color. The choice was between red or blue. We then added red after he explored the blue.

We help him move his fingers and hands and then also let him move them on his own. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t. It really takes two of us since we don’t have a supportive chair for the floor. We got a small tray table which is good. His high chair doesn’t give enough support for his trunk to be secure so he can easily maneuver his arms and hands. The tray also has a ledge so he can’t reach onto it smoothly. We are on a wait list for supportive mobility seating (a special stroller or wheel chair) but would need to purchase a high/low chair ourselves. Hopefully soon he will be able to use the Seat to Goon the floor, when he grows into it, which he hasn’t yet.

I delight in going to get something out of the fridge or walking through the kitchen because I see his painting. I recall his open fingers. I recall the paint on his nose and in his hair when he got too tired to hold his head up and let it rest on his paint covered hands. I recall his smile and focus on the colors on the paper. I recall the family moments spent together, helping our son explore a world that isn’t easily assessible to him, and enjoying every minute of it.

Taking delight in the little things that actually aren’t such a little feat for us after all.



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