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I love this photo for so many reasons. Logan enjoys playing games or reading stories with Sebastian on the iPad. But his favorite programs are the two we use for communication. We recorded Logan’s voice on a couple of photos of him and Sebastian. These are two of Sebastian’s favorites. He always gets excited to press the pictures of him and his cousins because he gets to hear their voices.

We use the Voice4U program the most because it is simple, displaying one picture at a time. I am still making my way through Proloque2. We do the bedtime and teeth brushing routines and have just added some choices to meal times. Last night Seb was asking for water with it and truly satisfied each time he asked and got the water. Much better than whining for it!

I’m thankful technology can give Sebastian a voice. I hope to hear Sebastian’s voice saying ‘I love you’ or ‘Mama’ someday but, really, it’s what is inside that counts. Right? And I know he thinks it when he sees me and his faces lights into the most beautiful smile, just for me. His Mama. I’m also so happy to see his cousins excited and interested to interact with these communication programs with Sebastian.


3 thoughts on “Techno-Cousins”

  1. I love this photo too!

    The iPad is such a an amazing tool. I am not familiar with Voice4U but it sounds great. I recently saw a great switch app, that I am sure Seb would like too. Will see if I can find out what it’s called.

    And yeah, p2go is great, but a LOT of work! I’ve put in countless hours and still adding to it…..

    And yes, words are words however they are produced. But I hear you. I remember countless hours of speech therapy where there was barely a word spoken by S that were very disheartening. But have hope. Seb has so many options for having a voice including hopefully one day, his own xo


  2. Very cool!!! Seb is so blessed to have a mama like you who works tirelessly to give him a voice and the best life possible. That’s LOVE as big as it gets!!!


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