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First Day of School. The Dentist. And Seizures Suck.

It was a very busy day! And I’m still processing all of it. But school was great. We decided on School 2. After spending the morning there with Sebastian today, I feel ready to drop him off tomorrow. I’ll head next door to the library for a couple of hours while he’s enjoying making new friends and listening to music and stories during circle time.

Instead of going outside for playtime when we arrived, Sebastian and I sat with the PT and OT to discuss his needs. They were happy to see how much more energy and head control he had this week compared to his visit with his dad last Thursday. He was just coming down with his cold then so he was really struggling. I am happy with the therapists that will be working with Sebastian. They read through the forms I filled out with excruciating detail and asked further questions and took notes. They looked at photos on my phone of the things we use at home for Sebastian and went into their equipment closet and brought out four different seating options for different activities for Sebastian to try. It’s a big deal when your kiddo can’t sit unassisted and I was happy with the types of seating they tried and really stressed the importance of him being at the level of the other kids during play time and circle time.

The first seat he tried was a corner seat with a big tray that he could lean on for support when he got tired and I was concerned the tray would keep other kids away. But that was not a problem. I left to use the bathroom and when I came back Sebastian was surrounded by three girls, bringing him toys and having a ‘tea party’. He was smiling and comfortable in his new seat with his new fan club. One of the girls was really interested in all of the seats he was trying out and decided she wanted to try them too. This is one reason why I chose this school. These kids just get right in there and explore and it’s not strange for them that he has this special seat because they can discover that it’s a comfortable seat too. It was so great to see them taking an interest in him and the OT was equally impressed with his new little fan club.

During circle time both at the beginning of the day and end Sebastian was very interested and focused. He kept his head up and was reaching out and moving his mouth to make noise. He followed everything, smiling with songs and stories. Even though he progressively tired out over the course of the two plus hours, he was very attentive at the end and even had the opportunity to choose the song that the class sang, reaching up to chose a picture for the song.

The therapists would meet with the teachers after class to discuss their notes and give them activities and seating placements to do with Sebastian. The therapists come in twice during the week to check how things are going, and in time introduce new activities and positions. Sebastian is going to be getting a lot of exercise and strength building opportunities every day just by being in class and sitting. He works hard to hold his head up, sit up straight, pretty much everything he does is work. It’s exhausting but I’m really excited for him because he is motivated to do these things by what is going on around him. We will still do additional therapy outside of school but are taking things slow so as not to overwork him in the beginning as he is transitioning to school.

I know that it will be difficult to drop him off tomorrow, but I also feel good about where he is going to be spending that time. And I will just be next door at the library working on two more posts. One about the dentist. And one about seizures.

Until then.



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  1. So glad I postponed work to read this. A few happy tears for you all. I don’t understand but I can see that this is a wonderful moment for him and for you and your hubby. He is going to school. So wonderful Kara. I am glad you are comfortable with the place and it sounds like he is going to have some wonderful therapists. And as for the fan club – not shocked. He is the most handsome little boy I have ever seen. That smile is going to melt girls hearts. It melts mine.


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