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Our Week in Review

Sweet SebastianSebastian modeling a new sweater/jumper his Granny made him and sent from Oz.

It’s been a busy week this week. Sebastian’s first full week of school, mixed in with therapy and a doctor visit. I’ve thought about writing and then just didn’t.

It’s finally started to snow In Toronto, so it looks like winter. Last week we saw unbelievably freezing temperatures and I could not believe that we had infact decided of our own free will to move to Canada. I mean, there were a few reasons I left Michigan for the tropics and I do recall a long winter being one of them. But this week something magical happened. The temperatures warmed enough to produce those big, fluffy snow flakes AND ali rented us a car. For two months. We needed a car for our upcoming trip to Michigan for Christmas and we thought, how long can we have it? We decided on two months, which should get us through some of the colder days. Why are we renting a car? Well, we’d love to add a car and insurance payment to our monthly list of bills, but it’s just not possible for them to be paid at this time. So we do what we can and I am so thankful that we can have a two month hiatus from bussing it through the winter cold.

Sebastian had his holiday party at school yesterday. We were greeted by another little boy who came up to show Sebastian a picture of him, saying ‘Sebastian’. Sebastian greeted him with a big smile. I thought I would cry. Every time one of his classmates comes up to him, I just feel so happy about him being there. It became a roomful of moms and tots/preschoolers with two teachers. I enjoyed meeting the other moms; everyone was very friendly. I couldn’t help but think back to holiday parties in my own classrooms and how different they were, for some obvious reasons.

I was worried that all the moms would be chatting while their kids played together, but that was not the case. Each mom was clustered in groups around the room, with their child, doing what their child wanted while chatting some with each other and spending time with their kiddo. Sebastian and I joined a few groups and tried to decorate an ornament with his photo in it, but he was really more interested in watching what the girls were doing. By the end of the morning he was exhausted and I really realized how much energy he exerts in just being there, sitting, listening, and taking everything in. He loved circle time and got to wear a hat for one of the songs. He reached for one of the props and smiled at the little girl sitting next to him.

When it was time to go, several of the moms, it seemed like all of them, were chatting and making plans for a big meet up next week. We weren’t invited and I have to admit feeling a bit left out, and then wondering why. It’s true we will be out of town, but being included in the email exchange would have been nice. It’s strange to feel like I’m in grade school myself all over again! That said, another mom did invite Sebastian and I over for lunch sometime in the future. Sebastian’s school mates have varying abilities, but he is the only one in his class with a physical disability. Other parents smile and say how cute he is, but I hope they understand that we’d like to be part of the group too. That even though he cannot pysically participate in a lot of things, he loves being around those other kiddos.

As today was Sebastian’s last day at school before the holiday we gave his teachers a small gift with a hand made card. Sebastian did some painting this week and I revisited my creative/teacher roots. They loved our artwork and I got emotional telling them what a great job they were doing and how happy Sebastian is and how happy that makes me feel. I wanted them to understand that for us, it was a huge deal to go to school. They are the first people that Sebastian has spent time with aside from his parents and grandparents. Most kids have had baby sitters by now, but not Sebastian. It’s strange being a parent and a former teacher. A glimpse into both worlds.

We are headed to Michigan this evening after ali gets home from work. I’m hoping for clear roads and minimal snow. It’s going to be a busy week and a half but we are looking forward to spending time with some family and good friends.

Let the wild rumpus begin!


5 thoughts on “Our Week in Review”

  1. Let the rumpus begin! I’m sorry you felt left out; be prepared to overcome that feeling! Everybody wants to see you here in Michigan! Betsy,Jen, Shana….we’ll make a party plan of some sort to include everyone! Including boys, Ali and Seb! Yahoo! Everyone! Bring yourselves; we’re ready to love on you!


  2. Love the photo of Sebastian in his hoodie that his Gran from Oz knitted.

    Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas.

    Love Gillian, Jim, and all the gang from snowy Dundee.


  3. I can relate to experiencing emotions because of the way your child is treated by others. It has been one of the surprising parts of parenthood for me . When Jed was left out by older boys over the summer b/c he was a “little kid” I found myself quite hurt and a bit indignant… me, a school teacher. I was so emotional about it I found myself at a complete loss to intervene on Jed’s behalf.

    Those kids are so lucky to have Sebastian as a classmate and friend. And the cooler moms will be lucky to have you as their pal, too! love you!


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