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Merry Christmas from the Sharps


I’m a bit behind in posts, I imagine I will catch up next week with Sebastian back in school.

We celebrated Christmas in Michigan this year. Lots of sweet treats and love surrounding us. We made it for my mom’s family Christmas, my first in years. My cousins are all grown up! It seems to happen over night, but really it’s during the years that I have missed. Grandpa came for a bit, dressed in his brown suit. I was so happy to see him. We were all missing Grandma, quietly in our hearts. On Christmas afternoon we went over to Grandpa’s and there was a beautiful photo of Grandma on the table. We were in Australia last Christmas so I was unable to see my grandma before she passed and also unable to be at the funeral. While I could not be there physically, I wrote something which my cousin read out to those in the audience, countless friends and family, grieving. As anniversaries of such events can be difficult to go through, I reread my post, and was embraced by her memory.

While remembering those that were not there, we were creating new memories with those that were. Sebastian enjoyed visits with each of his cousins, which always involves lots of smiles and laughter. And in some cases, serious conversation. Sebastian’s cousin Logan is starting to realize that Sebastian is not able to do things that his younger brother, just a few months old, is already starting to do. Although Logan and I have talked about Sebastian and his different abilities, he seemed to hold to the belief that he was still a baby so he would get there eventually. And he still does, a bit. He has now decided that some kids don’t walk until they are 3 or 3.5. He told me that maybe Sebastian will have to take a wheelchair to school, but we can still help him learn how to walk. I’m thankful for the hope that Logan has for Sebastian’s future.

Merry Christmas

All conversation was not serious. There was gift opening, game playing, and plenty of smiles. I love how my nephews and neice love Sebastian. They are always so happy to see him and so excited to talk on the phone or even by video on Skype. Being in the same time zone is fabulous, but being just five hours away is even better!


Mayo Family ChristmasMayo Family Christmas

After the family Christmas party we headed over to Holland, Mi on the west side of the state, where I went to college and many of my college friends have returned to raise their families together. We always feel so blessed by good friends whenever we are in town and everyone gets together for a short visit. Now that we all have kids, I’m enjoying getting to know the little ones that are a part of my favorite people and happy to introduce Sebastian to that wonderful world too.

Fun with Friends

Fun with Friends

Family and friends. Friends that are family. Love and friendship. Laughter and hugs. This is it for me, Christmas. Some folks get stressed by the parties and the people but I am so thankful to be ‘home’ for Christmas this year. There’s nothing quite like it.


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  1. I love the family shots of Seb and what a special relationship he and Logan have already.
    I adore his little colourful hoody and playing with the Monchichi! ( I had those when I was small!) I am so happy you jave more support and are settling well into life xoxo love to you and Ali and Seb as always.


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