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Reunited with George

Sebastian and George!

In Egypt, Seb had a Curious George which went everywhere with him and kept him company in his stroller. Until one fateful day while strolling around our neighborhood in Cairo, George fell out and when we noticed, it was too late. He had already likely been adopted by another child as he was not to be found on the nearby streets.

I think Ali and I mourned the loss of George more than Sebastian did. I’m sure of it, actually. He had been with us most of Seb’s life and he was a constant companion in all of our trips and adventures. He made it possible for Sebastian to sit up in his stroller, which was also a new luxury for him. We chided ourselves, how silly we were to put such weight on a stuffed toy. Perhaps we also mourned that Sebastian really didn’t take notice of his missing furry friend. Either way, we got over it but were so happily surprised to welcome George back into our lives. And this time, Seb is such a big boy he can sit up in his stroller all on his own.

imageThanks to our longtime family friend Betty for such a thoughtful gift.


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