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Backyard Winter Closeups

There was a lot of winter in February. The snow came and left its powdery mess. It melted. Then the heavenly sifter shifted again and again we were covered. I tip-toed out into the fresh, white snow against a sky that tried so badly to grace us with some bright blue between the grey and white clouds. The sun came in brief moments and snow started to fall from the branches it had been sleeping on overnight. I snap photos in the silence of the freshly fallen snow. For a few moments, I am in my own winter wonderland.

Most folks don’t like February, but I do. They say it brings a cold winter darkness that lasts too long, even though it is the shortest month of the year. But for me, I celebrate being.

I turned 34 last week, Monday. It was a holiday here in Ontario, Family Day. Ali had the day off work, Sebastian didn’t have school. We had pancakes for breakfast and I opened my gifts. Kitchen Aid hand mixer, 9 speeds and 5 different accessories. I was planning to use it to make my birthday cake but because it was holiday all the shops were closed and we were out of butter and eggs. So the next day Ali went and bought me five different slices of cheese cake. I couldn’t find the birthday candles, so we used the match he lit to start the fire in the fire place and I made half a wish, saving the rest for real candles when Sebastian was awake. And another cake.

We had a good friend in town last week and I had my second writing group class on Saturday. Sebastian is moving his legs more, swimming on his back in the bath tub. We tried an adapted stroller on for size last week. Made the load a bit heavier for a few days.

But the the sun came out again and melted more snow. Now we have a lake in our backyard and I’m contemplating inviting the neighbors over for hockey. But not really.

We are all being visited by sinus pressure and colds. And they have brought afternoon naps to town, which is mighty nice.

I love my boys. And winter, well, we will get through it. Just like we got through February.