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Winter Moments

Backyard Winter Closeups

I thought I would take more photos of winter. But some days it has been too cold to go outside. So our winter photos are taken of each other and the smiles and fun we share being inside.


Sometimes I sneak out early in the morning after freshly fallen snow, with my boots on and Ali’s winter jacket over my pajamas, and make fresh tracks in our garden. First on the deck and then make a path to the tree. I take upclose photos and marvel in each unique snowflake. Everything is quiet.

Backyard Winter Closeups

I walk back into the house after taking all the different angles of the trees against the blue sky, covered in white powder, and I find my two favorite people giggling at something silly. Or seriously focused on playing , just before the laughter erupts.

Recovery Weekend

And for those moments, the chill of winter warms my heart.

For the rest of the photos, visit Winter Homebodies and Our First Toronto Winter sets on flickr freeastrees.


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