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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Lunchtime, Wheelchairs and Kilos

Lunch TimeSebastian is having lunch in the wheelchair we are currently trialling for two weeks.

Newsflash: We went to the nutritionist last week. Seb has gained 1.1 kilos in two months. Very exciting stuff.


4 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday: Lunchtime, Wheelchairs and Kilos”

  1. That is super exciting about the weight. If he remembers the lady that brings Sacha swimming says ” way to go Seb!” He looks good in the chair, is it a zippee by Quickie? I hope you find something that works for you all


  2. Thanks Marjorie! I will tell him. 🙂 I didn’t connect your first comment on my blog with who you where when we talked about it at CARD. So glad you are here. It is the Zippie. So far I like it much better than the Bingo Adapted Stroller. I am going to write a post with photos next week about the two and which we decide to order and why.


    1. I’m working on a post that discusses the difference in using a wheelchair vs an adaptive stroller and which one we decided to order and why. Ultimately, wheels help him get around, as well as give him the support that he needs for sitting up and eating at school and when we are out an about. Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you come back often.


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