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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day

I’m kind of cheating. When the month began, I noted that it was Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and that this month also saw Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day (March 20) and Epilepsy Awareness Day (March 26). And then life got busy, as it does, and I didn’t post on Sunday. Oops. It was also a big day for March Madness in this house. Michigan vs. Duke. I didn’t actually watch the game, but Ali and Sebastian did while I made dinner. It was a close one.

We came out with Sebastian’s diagnosis on World Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day two years ago. This year, I wanted to ask my readers (you!) if there were any questions about Sebastian that I could answer and then on that day I would post all the answers. Well, Sebastian was on Spring Break last week and he was also sick with a cold all week, so that meant little-to-no blogging time. I’m also taking two writing courses, one online (for free, I won it!) and one which meets once a month, so I’ve been doing a lot of personal writing as well.

Since it is still Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, I’m going to ask now for those questions, anything at all, and post the answers at the end of the month. Or share a story about an amazing person in your life that has CP. Because I certainly know there are many.


3 thoughts on “Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day”

  1. Two questions for the wisest mama I know:
    1. If you were introducing a group of kids (in church, say) to the idea of children/adults/people being differently abled, how do you talk to young kids about this? I’ve talked with kids about this before, but obviously not from your vantage point.
    2. If you had to give advice to parents on how to support parents of children who are differently-abled, what would you say? Our parenting lives are so different, but also so much the same. What irks you? What encourages you?


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of you and Seb; so much love and adoration on your face. I also wanted to ask the same question as Mandy regarding how to talk with children about people with different abilities. I imagine your approach has maybe changed since having a child with special needs. I often think that I know how to handle such things, but would love some insight from you as well. Hey, any chance you might be up for a little visit while we’re in NY? I know the time is short…. but maybe?? Miss you!


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