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Kid Walk

Fun in Kid Walk
Trying it out for the first time at therapy, also wearing Theratogs.

We’ve been able to trial some equipment this past month and hopefully I will post this week about the adapted stroller and wheelchair. I think we finally found the walker/gait trainer that is going to be right for Seb. He loves the Kid Walk. We tried it at therapy a few weeks ago and were able to trial it at home for two weeks. Sebastian needs a lot of encouragement and help when he’s wearing his braces to move his legs and pick up his feet. When he’s just wearing slippers, he’s jumping and taking steps forward with just prompts from my pushing/pulling of the walker. He also enjoys a bit of independence and is much happier to hang out in it while we are in the kitchen getting dinner ready too. It’s pretty exciting stuff.


From the photos you can see how open it is in the front so his peers can go right up to him an even walk alongside. He tried it out at school and everyone had fun walking with him across the classroom. We are hoping to get one for him in time for his school summer camp the first two weeks of August. I’m having his PT write up a letter to go with the estimate and application for ADP funding to see what we can get covered. Fingers crossed it will be fully covered. I will also be getting an estimate for Peidro boots to send in to our insurance company. I’m hoping these would work better for him than his braces for when he’s in the walker. They are orthopedic boots with additional support, usually costing around $400, but allow more flexibility than his current braces which are not yet hinged in back.

Walking is an exciting prospect, but a little motivation for independence is even better.

Trying it out with AFOs on.


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  1. Kera, your little boy looks so good. Walking is something we all take for granted and seeing our kids get up and expel as much energy as they do, is always fun and exciting. Even humbling. Walking with A.F.O.’s is definetly harder, I hear ya on that one. The boy we both know; when he first got his walker, he would cry and didn’t want to do it. I pushed and pushed and pushed. After years of crying, my ongoing support and fully bodied encouragement, re-directing and making it fun and proposful, last year he walked to the park no problem. Now he runs in it and never complains, he loves it!!! I am glad Seb already loves his. Tell him I say WAY TO GO, hope to ya walking around sometime.
    P.S. The hinge makes such a big difference


    1. Thanks Marjorie, I told him you said ‘Way to go,’ and he smiled. His AFO’s will get hinged eventually, it’s because he doesn’t stand up all the time without collapsing from being tired or just dropping to the ground while I’m holding him up, that his orthotist wants to wait to hinge them. I know that it all takes lots of hard work and practice. It will come.


  2. Just came across Sebastians story. What an amazing little guy! We use KAFOs & Thera Togs to treat my son Benjamin’s Blounts Disease. I know how hard it can be to stay motivated at times…. I just wanted to say well done; & I think you are doing an outstanding job!


    1. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment. I appreciate your encouragement. I will take a look at your blog so I can see all the great stuff you are doing with Ben.


  3. Kara, he looks awesome! I love the kidwalk for the fact that it is open to allow for cuddles!
    Please let me know what size Seb is as I have a pair of Piedro’s here that I would love to send him that Cooper only wore a few times if you want to try them out πŸ™‚


  4. Thanks Bron! I love that part too, we definitely tried out the cuddles while standing and it was so nice! So nice of you to offer Cooper’s Piedro’s. Seb has pretty small feet, he is 4.5 but that’s not kids size. I will have to see also how they compare to OZ sizes. How old was Cooper when he tried them?


  5. He’s gonna be a mover and a shaker, I know it! And with more dynamic braces… even better. Those made a huge difference for Oia too. Hugs to Seb!


  6. He looks so happy! That is pretty exciting! Technology is so amazing and it’s so great to see the opportunities this kind of equipment will give you little guy. πŸ™‚ I’m so happy for you guys.

    Have you seen the ‘cure pity’ commercials? I love them! (A few years ago, I had a friend tell me that they felt sorry for my brother and people like him. It totally caught me off guard as I’d never heard anyone say anything like that before. And it really upset me. Until then I had been ignorant to other people’s ignorance.)

    I say it every time I comment, but he is so cute!


    1. Thanks Jennifer. We are pretty excited. Hopefully we won’t have any issues with funding so we can have it this summer. I haven’t seen those commercials, I will have to look for them on youtube, sounds good. I recently saw a commercial that was done in Australia that was the opposite which was upsetting. We have to work to change the was society sees people with differences but we get there one step at a time. πŸ™‚


  7. Hi Kara,

    I hope by the time you read this you have your funding and your little man is walking around. It really looks like an amazing bit of kit.

    Please can you tell me where they are available from or which company sell them? We are located in Asia and access to these types of things are almost nonexistent.

    Please email me at: dhalia07 (at) gmail.com I would really appreciate it.

    Take care and god bless,



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