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Creative Power

Creative Power

On Friday last week, one of the classroom volunteers at Sebastian’s school handed out a card to each parent. I’ve taken photos from the card she gave me. I treasure each photo from his life at school. I love to see what he is doing, the fun he is having, the friendships he’s enjoying and the creativity being encouraged.

Tea Party
Having a tea party with friends.

Playing with toys

Artist at Work
Creating the Masterpiece


2 thoughts on “Creative Power”

  1. Sweet! Love that picture of the kiddos around him; are they giving him an apple? I don’t imagine he will ever have a hard time finding friends.


    1. Thanks Monica! They were having a tea party, so I think it is a cup of ‘tea’. They have to cut the photos of the kids out for privacy reasons but I know it is one of the twin girls that loves Seb. They have so much fun!


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