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Easter Weekend Highlights

We were a bit like tourists in our hometown this holiday weekend. My mom and sister, Allie, came to town for a visit and we found ourselves on a short visit to the Toronto Zoo on Friday afternoon and then to Casa Loma and the Distillery District on Saturday.

The trip to the zoo was a bit chilly and too much for Sebastian, but I enjoyed spending time remembering my days in Thailand working on fundraisers to save primates such as the gibbons we saw swinging from tree to tree in captivity at the zoo. It was raining Saturday morning so we decided to take a tour of Casa Loma. Unfortunately Sebastian wasn’t that interested in the large adorned rooms of a historical wealth, and palace lost due to back taxes to the city. He was also having some twitches (small seizures), so my mom and I left ali and Allie in the halls of the palace and went home early for lunch and a nap. The sun came out in the afternoon and we were all feeling refreshed so we took a tram down to the Distillery District for some more exploration of another fascinating Toronto neighborhood.

On Sunday morning the extended family left and we spent time coloring eggs and having our own Easter egg hunt. Stay tuned for photos from that colorful and fun event. Below are a few of the photos snapped with my phone with the Retro Cam app. I’m fixing up a bunch of the photos from the Distillery District in the Photoshop Express app on the iPad, so stay tuned for those. I didn’t take any other photos of Casa Loma, it seems to me that the inside of castles tend to look the same, it’s the outside that I enjoy and the imagining of a life lived before. And zoo photos? Well, mostly we tried to stay warm, but perhaps I may have a few to share as well. This week is going to be a big photo sharing week. My memoir writing class is on Saturday, so my writing time is being dedicated to that. I’m way behind! Enjoy.


Casa Loma, view from the car


The Distillery District


Art gallery in Distillery District


Chocolate making room in Soma chocolate cafe


My Sonshine, outside Soma in Distillery District


Two of my favorite people, Seb with Grandma on Easter morning