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A Short Trip to the Toronto Zoo

On Friday last week we took a trip to the zoo after lunch and naptime. Unfortunately the sun hid behind the clouds more often than not and there was quite a wind. Fortunately, there were a few exhibits inside green house like places, which were warm and cozy. We chose a few of our favorite things and took a gander around.

Sebastian went on his first carousel ride, I was definitely more excited than he was.



Sebastian liked the big fish.


As always, my favorites were the primates. The gibbon looking into my eyes, could he see my soul? Some of you may remember my plight to save the gibbons while living in Bangkok, I did many fundraisers and educational talks. Not to mention a poetry reading or two inspired by these adorable fury animals. I was near tears when I saw the mama gorilla holding her baby, sweetly picking bugs from her scalp and eating them. What love.

I’m a sucker for close-ups of flowers, and somehow the tiny ant crawling on this purple beauty made it into hiding as I snapped my photo.

Sebastian enjoyed watching the bright green snake, just like Verdi, a book by Janelle Cannon we listened to on tape last week.

We found a small tunnel to ‘crawl’ through. Sebastian was slightly amused and I kind of got stuck at the end.

Of course we didn’t see everything, so another visit will be necessary. But we will wait until our little world has turned green again and the sun shines. As far as zoos go, there are some great exhibits, but I do always find they are never good enough for my standards. There is never enough space for freedom.

For the rest of the photos, please visit Tourist About Town photo set on flickr. You will also find some gems of our visit to the Ontario Science Centre with my nephew Ethan when he was in town a few weeks ago.


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