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Whims Birthday Party

I wanted to include everyone for Sebastian’s birthday celebration so I decided to see if I could bring his party to school. Both his teachers and the school director were very supportive of my idea to bring in Whimz Live Animals Program to help celebrate Sebastian’s birthday. I hired them for a little less than an hour to bring in about a half dozen or so different little animals for the kids to learn about and explore in a small setting. After spending some time cropping the other kiddos out for the photos to post online (privacy issues), I’ve chosen some of my favorites. Sebastian loved the movements, sounds and textures of the different animals. I chose these photos not to highlight the animals, but Sebastian’s awesome interaction with them.

The Scottish rabbit looked more like a dog. Some of the kids were a bit afraid of this fellow, but Sebastian enjoyed petting his soft fur and holding him on his lap.



According to the Whimz lady, Tracey, guinea pigs are the perfect pet for little kids. They make lots of fun noises and love to eat greens all the time, so perfect for the kiddos to interact with, feed, and take care of. I think we will hold off on adding a furry family member to our home for the time being though.


The Chinchilla was the softest of the bunch and quite entertaining. He had his turn sitting on the shoulders and heads of many of us, jumping off into Tracey’s hands. The facial expressions on Sebastian’s face are priceless. I got to be a little dramatic too. After everyone touched this fluffy guy, he rolled over in his sand box to get nice and clean. Chinchilla’s can’t get wet or they will mold so they take their baths in the sand.




Monty the python was a big hit. Most of the kids were pretty interested in touching his soft, scaly skin. I remember holding a boa constrictor around my shoulders with a couple friends at 5th grade camp, so I thought I’d be prepared. Although he was fascinating and Sebastian’s loved checking him out, every time his mouth got closer to my son, the protective mama in me came out and I didn’t want his tongue sticking out anywhere near my boy.



The turtle was good fun, this little guy is 39 years old. Something to think about when you want to have one of these guys live in your garden.

The hedgehog was not happy about being woken up and he let us know about it with his hissing. Sebastian was really interested in touching his prickly skin.


The sugar gliders were quite a surprise. I thought they looked cute online but I had no idea the entertainment they would provide. Sebastian loved their squeals as they were woken up and anticipated what was inside the red sleeping pouch. The kids sat in awe as they gobbled up LIVE beetle larve, which Tracey called worms. To me they resembled the maggot family, so I was less than enthusiastic about this portion of the morning. Especially when she likened them to eating shrimp. Ewww.


For the rest of the fun photos, starring Sebastian and his new fuzzy, furry, scaly, shelled friends, please visit Whimz Kids Birthday Party on flickr.


12 thoughts on “Whims Birthday Party”

  1. What an amazing idea! Love it and I loved Seb’s expressions (and yours). I love hedgehogs. I don’t think you can find them in Utah and I actually don’t remember them even being in Michigan. We use to have them in our garden in England. I adored them.


    1. Thanks! It was so fun for all the kids, we really enjoyed it. Such a great opportunity for Sebastian to learn about the animals in a real way. Hedgehogs are cute but this one was very grumpy to be awake.


  2. Willie and I would have LOVED Sebastian’s birthday party; looks like it was a very special celebration!


  3. Such an awesome idea! Wonderfully cute pictures… Esp the one with the Chinchilla on your shoulder and Seb looking at you both.. The next one with the Chinchilla on Seb’s head is an award winner ! So nice to see that Seb enjoyed the whole event… Wishing him the best!


  4. The photos are amazing and Seb obviously had an amazing day.
    That one with him with a chinchilla on his head is incredible.
    My kids now want a chinchilla at their parties!!
    Tell Seb he has a fan club in Switzerland.


    1. Thanks! Glad your girls enjoyed the photos too. The chinchilla was great fun, even though he wanted to be sleeping he wasn’t as grumpy as the other nocturnal animals. And oh so soft! Looks like you get up to some great fun in Switzerland from your blog. I used to live and teach at an international school in Schaffhausen, not too far from Zurich on the Rheine. It was beautiful. Thanks for being a part of our day with us from afar!


  5. Hi Sebastian!
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. I live in BC Canada. U are a very special, precious, strong, determined, courageous, brave, and happy fighter. U are full of life, spunk, Joy, love, laughs, smiles and a inspirational hero. I looked like you enjoyed touching the animals. I would be scared to touch a snake.
    I was born with a rare life threatening disease.


    1. Hi Jenna, thanks so much for visiting our site! You are so kind with all of your encouraging words. I took a look at your blog and you are an amazing and courageous girl yourself! Your positive energy is contagious. Thanks for bringing sunshine to our day.


  6. Seb’s expression of wonder and delight in these photos are so priceless. I wish we could do the same for James, who also loves animals.


    1. Thanks! You never know, you may have the opportunity to have a party like this for James! They have different animals for older kiddos too. Like tarantulas and scorpions! Eeek! Or you could just go on a safari. 🙂


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