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The House Party

Although Sebastian celebrated his actual birthday on Friday with his friends at school, we wanted to have a small celebration at home with cake and ice-cream. We invited a few close friends and neighbors over to celebrate with us on Saturday.

I wanted to make the decorations for Sebastian’s party. I’ve been following a few creative mama blogs recently and got some colorful ideas that I decided to put into motion. I’ve been collecting fat quarters of material for a quilt for Sebastian for a bit over a year now. I’m slowly getting back into sewing with the sewing machine my mom gave me. Birthday decorations were the perfect opportunity for me to take steps towards a bigger project like the quilt. I took some of the material that I will also use for his quilt to make the banners so they could be used for decorations in his room after the party. I made streamers hanging down from the lights out of felt, instead of the paper ones I had seen online. Sebastian loves looking at them during meal times, which also helps him keep his head up when he’s tired. Double bonus! I’ll eventually transfer them to his room for decoration too, but he’s enjoying them so much in the dining room, I thought I’d leave them hanging for a bit.




When I started making birthday cakes for Sebastian I wanted to follow in my mother’s footsteps. She always made us colorful cakes out of different shapes for our birthdays when I was growing up. She scanned and emailed some pages of a very old cake decoration book for me so I had several to choose from. It had to be different than his previous cakes (giraffe, sun and elephant). Seb and I had watched March of the Penguins and Happy Feet this year and he really enjoyed both so I chose Perry the Penguin for his birthday cake. I had a bit of a scare when I couldn’t get the cake out of the cake pan (I forgot to grease and flour it) but the next morning I got it out piece by piece and it was smooth sailing from there. I really enjoy carrying on a tradition that my mom started when I was a kid.



To fit everyone into the dining room, I pushed Sebastian up to the table rather than attaching his tray. Looking back, it didn’t really give him much of an opportunity to try to reach for his cake himself, so I wont do that again. He’s really been interacting with his food lately so I want to continue to encourage that. I put on his special birthday bib but I think he’s really grown out of it so it will be the last year for that. After-all, he’s three now! We found coconut milk ice-cream since he can’t have dairy and for the first time his teeth weren’t too sensitive. He couldn’t get enough of the icy treat. Carrying on another tradition, I used a cake recipe from one of my grandma’s old cookbooks. I made a white cake, dairy free as well, using rice milk for the liquids in the cake and the icing with vegan butter. Delicious.




Being the host, we didn’t get many photos of Sebastian and the cake, so I’ve included a couple from a good friend of ours who caught some great shots. There are more in the flickr set, linked below.

For the rest of the photos, visit Seb Turns Three photo set on flickr.