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And that’s what she was thinking about then.

Rooftop Garden

I wrote a post last week that I didn’t publish. Then I wrote another post that I tried to publish and lost. So I took a bunch of photos and I’ve been uploading them to flickr and sharing some. My thoughts hiding behind pictures. I also spent some time writing about how I met my husband in The Magic of Monkeys, newly posted on my Memoir Tidbits page for my Memoir Writing class. I have less than two weeks before my last class so I’ve got to dive in. The theme this month is ‘Teachers, Mentors, Guiding Lights.’ I’m already thinking about my story, now I just need to get writing it.

It rained for weeks in Toronto. At first I was happy because all the rain made the trees bud and the leaves roll out. The flowers bloomed in turns and our garden became a jungle that we waded through in between showers. But then the gloom set in with all the thoughts of the stressful things in life like money and appointments and time. So we took a break from it all and went to Michigan for a loooong weekend to see family and friends and a neurologist. Everything balances out. We had sunshine every day until the day we had to return.

I drove on in the pouring rain, remembering the car accident in high school where my best friend and I went across three lanes of oncoming highway traffic with ‘Where the River Goes’  by Stone Temple Pilots blaring in the background. There was glass everywhere and I was in schock because I thought it was pretty glass beads from necklaces that didn’t exist. And when we made it to the other side, she said, ‘What a freaking rush,’ and we were ok. But then I didn’t drive for a year after that until one day my mom said she couldn’t drive me to work because she was going out of town for the weekend. So I had to relearn on the small roads in Kensington Park. And I did. And the rain became less scarier every time.

It rained for another week and the weekend was overcast but humid and then suddenly the sun came out in full force on Monday and now we can pretend that summer has arrived. And we are so happy.

I’m catching up. I’m looking at photos and getting ready to share them. I’m taking walks with my beautiful son in the sunshine. I’m thinking about my life, the past and the present and trying not to worry and stress about the future. Because it always comes and we always do ok.