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Why My Papa-Daddy ROCKS

My Papa-Daddy is fun. He always makes me laugh. He does silly things to make me feel better and my mama too. Sometimes he makes funny faces. Sometimes he tells silly jokes. He really likes puns a lot.



My Papa-Daddy takes us places eat yummy food, listen to music and dance in the sunshine. He likes to see and do new things. He helps me learn a lot about the world around me.



My Papa-Daddy gives the best hugs. I get so excited when he comes to get me in the morning. I wish he could give me a hug before bedtime, but he works really hard to take care of my mama and me. So I call him on the phone and I can hear him give me a big kiss too. I tell him about my day and he sounds happy.



My Papa-Daddy can help me do anything. He lifts me up and helps me work hard to stand and even dance! I know I can do anything with his help. Sometimes we even play basketball together. He lifts me up really high and helps me dunk the ball. He is so strong because he can hold me and the ball at the same time!



My Papa-Daddy is a great listener. Sometimes when I’m feeling bad I tell him all about it. Even though my words are not like his, I know he still understands. He says things that always make me feel better. And me makes me laugh again and again.



My Papa-Daddy loves me very much. And he loves my mama too. He gives us lots of kisses and cuddles every day and says ‘I love you!’ I love to push the iPad before bedtime on the weekend to say ‘I love you too, Papa-Daddy.’ So much.


Happy Father’s Day to the best Papa-Daddy EVER!

Photos taken at the Ribs-n-Reggae Festival at Woodbine Park in The Beaches, a Father’s Day Celebration event.


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