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School’s Out for the Summer!

“Upon first meeting Sebastian we all knew that he would steal our hearts and he did that and more. I don’t think he could be more charming.”


First day at school, exhausted. I wanted to share this photo to show how much he has grown over the year, personally, physically and in stamina.

“Sebastian’s communication skills and attempts at vocalizations have increased a great deal over the course of the school year.”


Playing in the garden at school (before his recent haircut).

“Sebastian’s motor skills are getting stronger. His stamina has increased greatly…Sebastian seems to love to feel his body moving through space, particularly down the slide or while he’s assisted In speedily moving the soccer ball around the court. He is able to track the ball with his eyes. His enjoyment is palpable and as some children have noted, he is quite the goal scorer and a force to be reckoned with.”


Soccer game.

“As noted throughout this report, Sebastian’s social skills are his strength. He seeks and enjoys interacting with his peers as well as the adults around him…He has become familiar with and to his peers and he has several friends that continually seek him out for company and play. He, in turn enjoys playing with them, particularly in the home area, around the table, as meals are prepared and shared and at the ‘ice cream shop’ outside where he has been known to purchase several cones.”

Playing with a friend.

Yesterday Sebastian came home with his report card and this beautiful painting on canvas he painted for us. There was also an envelope filled with photos from his year in class, a few of them shared above. My oh my, what a great year it has been. I remember being so afraid to let him go and now we couldn’t be happier. We’re so happy he’s returning in September!

20110624-023523.jpgThe artist eating lunch.

For more school year photos visit the Sebastian and School flickr set.


6 thoughts on “School’s Out for the Summer!”

  1. oh Kara – what a wonderful year, what a special report, what a precious boy! how much did you cry reading it?!!! i bet you are so proud of all he has achieved. be so proud of yourself Kara, both you and Ali are champions for Seb and he is blessed to have you.
    enjoy the start to summer & let’s skype soon, i have a question for you. Rxx


  2. Kara, this post made me cry…Sebastian is so beautiful, and his personality, presence, and happiness are so palpable. You get the sense that his teacher knows him so well and delights in him just the way a mama always hopes a teacher will delight in her child. What a gift to have found this school; and what a gift Sebastian is when he enters their doors every day! Wow, it’s been a huge year for your family. I’m so happy for you.


  3. The whole post could not have made me happier. It truly is amazing to see how much he’s grown – stronger, socially, and in joy. What an amazing blessing this school has been for him! He’s also lucky to have a momma who is so discerning when it comes to where he went to school! The teacher’s writing sounds EXACTLY like what I would want to hear… overall – I am just so pleased for you all. I love you, hun… you AND your sweet family!


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