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Catching Up: Toronto Doors Open

At the end of May we went to the Toronto Doors Open Event. Close to 150 buildings of architectural, historic, cultural and/or social significance opened their doors to the public. Admission was free. Doors Open Toronto 2011 theme was Photography. We picked a few buildings to go to and lazily looked around, taking photos and learning more about the city in which we live. We can’t wait to see more of these buildings next year.

Rooftop Garden

Our first stop was 401 Richmond Street Gallery and Offices, with a fantastic roof top garden that is not usually open to the public. We started in the garden and made our way down with a stop on each floor meandering through the galleries and having coffee and cake in the cafe on the ground floor.

Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden

Yarn Bombing Exhibit


Inside Cafe

The next day we met a friend at the Enoch Schoolhouse and nearby St. John The Baptist Evangelical Anglican Church.

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

St. John The Baptist Evangelical Anglican Church

Then made our way to the Distillery District for some coffee and snacks at a very groovy cafe. Because there are so many groovy areas and cafes in Toronto. Unfortunately the cafe we went to is so groovy, no photos are allowed.

For the rest of the photos from Toronto Doors Open, visit the Toronto Doors Open set on my flickr.


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  1. Thanks! It was a beautiful garden and so ripe for photos! The one of Seb and the flowers in my screen saver! I love it too!


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