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Summertime Therapy

This summer has been unlike the past two summers. Living in Canada we now have access to therapies and the weather isn’t quite so hot as being in Cairo. We are also able to see my family in Michigan more often so a two month long stay at my mom’s once a year isn’t as necessary as it was the two previous summers. This summer we’ve been able to go on weekend adventures with Papa-Daddy and share stories with him daily in person, rather than over the phone, like the summers we spent apart. We’ve been able to enjoy friends visiting and making new friends in the park in the water play area. It’s been a laid back summer and we are still enjoying it. Sebastian is finishing up his second, and last, week of camp at his pre-school, where he’s made new friends, met new teachers and had new adventures.

Although we have access to different therapies, we haven’t been able to afford them as frequently as we’d like. We are STILL on the waiting list for PT and OT covered by OHIP (national health care). Sebastian had three sessions using the Theratogs and he works hard every time. He loves going to see his therapist and is so proud of all of his achievements. And so are we. The photos below are from his most recent session, a week before summer camp started. When asked if he’d like to wear his special suit, he always smiles. It helps him sit up straighter and works his muscles in different ways that allow him to build strength while making things easier to accomplish, like sitting and reaching for toys. You’ll notice he’s sitting on a potty seat in two of the photos. We were trying out an idea that we hope will work at home for potty time. Yes, I’ll be writing about that closer to the end of the summer, after I finish reading all of my books on the subject!








In the next two weeks Sebastian will be getting his Kid Walk walker as well as a set of Theratogs. We are thankful for all of the support we have received from friends and family in past fundraisers as well as to Easter Seals which has helped fund the walker. Watch out world, Sebastian is headed your way!


8 thoughts on “Summertime Therapy”

  1. Hi Kara,

    All these pictures look so great!
    I love looking at them and reading your blog to keep up with you and Sab, you guys are busy, so it is not always easy, ha. A new walker, that is exciting. I love getting people into their walkers, adventuring outside while getting some exercise at the same time. You enjoy your new walker Sebastian!

    It was so nice running into you the other day at Bloorview, you guys look great. My summer has been super busy too with all my camps. I hope the rest if your summer goes well!


    1. It was great running into you at Bloorview this summer too! Thanks so much for keeping up with our adventures and one of these days I’ll have to set up an outing for you and Seb. 🙂 He’s been enjoying the walker around the house and in the garden, but still needs a bit of a push, although I know he will get there on his own!


  2. We just got our KidWalk in May, but with 100 plus degree weather the majority of the summer, we’ve had little time to practice. Can’t wait until the weather breaks! I am anxiously awaiting your posts about pottying–a hurdle I’m not emotionally or physically ready to try. I hope you can inspire me:-) Sebastian looks like quite a trooper in those pics. Way to go!


    1. Hope you’ve had a break in hot weather and the Kid Walk is working well for you guys. Sebastian likes it a lot. We even took it with us to visit his Grandma and cousins. It was great for his cousins to help him walk in it. Lots of fun. As for the potty training, it’s an on-going process. I’m still half-way through a couple books that are offering some good insight. But when it comes down to it, I know it will be an ability to control those muscles and sit up (with help) on the potty seat. Reading the books and taking bits and pieces and coming up with our own plan with be what works I think. I’ll be working on a post in the coming weeks.


  3. You’re reading potty books? Do share if you find what you are reading helpful. Our little Miss is still in diapers and I’m dreading the process of potty training… though I know she is ready to start trying. We’ve tried on and off but she certainly has her own agenda about whetehr or not she goes.


    1. I’m STILL reading potty books and still taking notes. We are trying to integrate potty time into our routine. I know that I will need to pick a block of time to really do it, we are going slow now. I will certainly do a post about it. The books I am reading are Ready, Set, Potty and Diaper Free Before Three. I’m using them as research, not manuals. Which is a helpful perspective and I think important to note. 🙂


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