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Writing. And Brownies.

I’ve been busy. But right now I am taking a moment and savoring every bite of an absolutely delicious, chocolatey brownie that I made last night. And I need it. I need the moment. I need the chocolate. I need the deliciousness. I’m listening to Wilco’s new album, The Whole Love, on NPR while trying not to get chocolate on the perfect, white keyboard. I am taking a break from writing.

I’ve been busy writing this week. Letters to people that I wish I didn’t have to write letters to. Like the insurance company. To appeal one more time. To ask that they pay for Sebastian’s seat for his wheelchair. Because just like a wheelchair without wheels, a wheelchair without a seat is useless. And we cannot afford to pay for it. Nor should we have to. Letters to government institutions that misplaced part of our application for benefits back in March. Or recorded my address wrong so they can’t speak to me over the phone because they can’t verify who I am. And the Canadian Privacy Policy says This and That. So bu-bye. Letters to the Canadian Revenue Agency to ask that please please please can you expedite my zero-income tax return that I didn’t know I had to file to get benefits for my son so we can pay for all the things that help make his life better. Like school. And therapy. Oh, and a new place to live. Letters to people who just might have the perfect place for us to move in to at the end of October. A place that we can afford, which can afford us. A place where there is room for Sebastian’s equipment and without stairs or too many steps. A place that we can call home.

I’d rather be writing about how much Sebastian loves school. How nervous I was about his new classroom and new teachers but how awesome they are and why I never need to be nervous because he goes to the best pre-school ever. I’d rather be writing about how awesome my husband is at supporting me and helping me proof all those important letters and calling the folks that need to be called. How awesome he is at biking uphill after a LONG day at work to take a look at this flat and that flat to see if they could be our new home. I’d rather be writing about the laughter Sebastian and I have been sharing more and more every day. I’d rather be writing about his new super suit Theratogs he’s wearing in the afternoons and how he’s using his Kid Walk and Seat2Go at school. I’d rather be sharing photos of the things we did over the summer and the things we are doing right now. Because we enjoy life together. Even when there is a fight for things no one should have to fight for, but we do. Because we love. And we win.

Eat more brownies! Because they help make like yummy.