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‘I gotta new way to walk’


Seb is loving his Kid Walk. This weekend he was cruising around the house in his Elmo slippers and new jumper (knitted by his Granny).

He has it at school for most of the week since we are busy with therapies most afternoons. We also take it to PT when we have a session once every other week. By taking it apart I can fit both it and his wheelchair in the back of our Subaru Forester. I feel pretty proud of this accomplishment! It’s not easy.

He uses it for about 20 minutes during his morning at school on the playground and in the classroom. He is motivated to move from one play area to the next to play with his friends. It is open in the front so his friends can come up to him and walk with him. His teachers help push from the back so he can share the space before him with his peers.

At home he let’s me know he’s ready to walk if I stop pushing by using his voice. Although he initiates steps, he still needs help moving forward. With practice he’s taking more steps and not dragging his feet. If he’s resting on the seat I just remind him to stand and he does so, ready to walk forward again. With daily practice I can see him improving so much. It’s only a matter of time before he’s moving around on his own.

A big shout out to Easter Seals for helping pay for Seb’s Kid Walk which gives him independence.


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