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Happy 30th…

…to the best husband and papa-daddy ever. We love you and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you.

Taking breakfast to Papa-Daddy.

Family time by the river after a short walk in our old hood.

More yummy food for the birthday boy! I cooked my first steak after getting some advice from a lady at the local butcher. I had a portabella mushroom ‘steak’ myself.

Triple chocolate birthday cake. Recipes from one of my grandma’s cookbooks.

Sebastian helped me make the cake and frosting so he was very excited about his dad getting to blow out the candles. He was also very proud of the cake we created together. It was an awesome feeling to see him so excited about his papa-daddy’s birthday.

Welcome to decade number three Ali!


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  1. Born in one of the best months of the year! Happy birthday, I am soon to enter this third decade you speak of Kara. I love your pics by the way.


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