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Dear Free As Trees,

It has been so long since I have sat down and spent some time with you. You are often on my mind but always there are so many other things to do. Now that we have moved and live so close to Sebastian’s school, I don’t have to camp out in the library next door. This means I have a couple hours in the morning in our new home. You are on my mind while I tidy up, unpack and hang pictures on the walls. You are on my mind while I organize paperwork and make important phone calls. You are on my mind when I take photos of Sebastian giggling and of our brisk walks in our new neighborhood. I have a list of items to share with you. But as time passes, the list gets smaller and smaller as I feel silly focusing on something that has already long ago passed. So today I take a moment and say, ‘Hello! I am still here.’ My mind and time have just been a bit pre-occupied. Oh and did I mention I am taking another Memoir Writing Class? So I have to spend some time with her too. Please be patient with me. I promise, I will write more soon.

Ever faithful,



2 thoughts on “Dear Free As Trees,”

  1. This was timely. I actually almost posted on FB that I missed your posts but then I remembered how hard it is for me to write e-mails to friends and family some days and thought yea, probably shouldn’t make that comment. I really hope you guys are loving your new place. I love to see all your FB posts.


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