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Melt My Heart

School stories are the best. While I was putting Seb’s coat on today, one of his teachers came over to share a story about playtime in the soft gym today. When the weather is too wet or too cold, they have an indoor play area filled with mats and other fun stuff. Like the slide. Seb loves the slide. Sometimes he goes down on his own, laying down, and sometimes he goes down with a friend.

Today he went down with one of the girls holding him tight. He giggled all the way down. At the bottom of the slide she said, ‘Bastian, I love you.’ Can you imagine it? A little girl, 3.5 years old, who has limited verbal communication skills herself, hugging my son and saying such beautiful words? I melted right there. Tears came up in my eyes and I let my smile take over.

I am so thankful for those stories. Those teachers listening and sharing those stories. Those children holding on to and loving Sebastian, creating those stories. The fabulous school fostering an environment for such stories. And inclusion. For making those stories possible.

After taking a break from the slide for some other soft gym fun, she later found Seb again, requesting he go down with her, one more time.


3 thoughts on “Melt My Heart”

  1. looooove it! Cutest thing I’ve ever seen: 9 y/o with autism roars at 10 year old girl with William’s Syndrome meows back. Then they hug. and she goes “I’m gonna marry you.”

    Who could resist Seb? What a handsome face!


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