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The Muppets!

A couple weekends ago we took Seb to see his first film at the cinema!

Muppets poster.

We now live within walking distance of an assessible theatre. It took us about 15 minutes to race there. Running a little late, I had to run alongside Seb while Ali pushed him in his wheelchair. Although we were planning to have Seb on our laps, we wanted him to feel a part of the process of getting tickets, etc. Being in his chair he is much higher up. I also think people see him as a little kid instead of a ‘baby’ compared to being in his stroller, since he’s such a small guy. The look on his face speeding down the sidewalk was priceless. He was having the time of his life. He loved looking over at me and we were both laughing as I tried to keep up.

In the lobby.

Once we got to the Ciniplex, we had to find an elevator in. That wasn’t easily done. Lots of escalators but only one designated elevator area. After getting to the cinema, we purchased our tickets. We have a special pass we purchased from Easter Seals, called Access to Entertainment, which allows one person accompanying Sebastian to go free to movies, museums, and other fun places around Canada. We then had to take a small elevator up, just for folks in wheelchairs, to the theaters.

Here we go!

Since we were a little late we were worried about getting a seat. Thankfully they offered to exchange our tickets if there wasn’t a place for us with the wheelchair. Because Seb would be sitting on our laps, so we weren’t too worried. Once inside, I saw that there was only one row which was wheelchair assessible with just one, maybe two places for wheelchairs. Theses spots were open, but the seats next to them were not. There was a short Toy Story film on, so we parked the chair and went down a couple steps to the second row in front of the big screen. I wanted to make sure we were on the end so we could leave early if we needed to. I had no idea how Seb would do.

The Muppets was a hit, for all of us. Seb enjoyed the entire movie, only startling twice to loud noises. Overall, the sound wasn’t overwhelming, which I was thankful for. He was mesmerized by the big screen and all the singing and dancing. He’s a huge fan of Sesame Street and we had watched The Muppets Take Manhattan at home to see if he’d like this one. He was an instant fan, smiling at the funny parts and enjoying the jokes and songs. One of my favorite parts was when the muppets cleaned up their old theatre to ‘We Built This City’, by Starship. One of my brother Josh’s favorite songs as a kid. The flashbacks the the 80’s were a real treat.

The final credits rolling. Papa-daddy sports a mo for Movember.

The best part was getting to go see a movie together as a family. For us, it was a very big deal.


3 thoughts on “The Muppets!”

  1. I loved seeing The Muppets. It was really too long between muppet films. I’m so glad Seb had a good time. By the way I found parts of the soundtrack on YouTube, if Seb wanted to listen again 🙂


  2. My favorite post to date 🙂 I am so glad you guys had such a wonderful time as a family. I loved hearing that Seb was only startled twice. Movies can be so loud. I smiled the entire time I read this.


  3. Hi Kara! Beautiful family you’ve got there….

    So I was wondering–could I feature you and Sebastian on my special needs spotlight? I would LOVE the opportunity to learn more about you guys and specifically about CP. Please email me at thislittlemiggy at gmail dot com if you’d like to do it.

    Thank you!


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