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The Best Part of My Week


Happy New Year from The Sharps, times FOUR! 12 weeks today. Simply over the moon. And so looking forward to being over my extreme morning sickness.

So now ya’ll can see why I’ve been hybernating…


13 thoughts on “The Best Part of My Week”

  1. Love it!!! I’m fifteen weeks with number four (ack!), so that put you just a few weeks behind me. Now I’m (not so) patiently waiting for the opportunity to find out this little peanut’s gender.


  2. Ummm, Yea…. I guess that’s a good reason!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, brace yourself for the craziest, biggest, and quite possibly the most challenging change of your life. But, it is amazing. Do update along the way… (!)


  3. I’m de-lurking to tell you Congratulations! That is amazing, wonderful news! Brenna (Voss) Schaffer told me about your blog and I have been reading on and off for a couple of years now. I’m also the sister of Erin (Dalton), one of Mandy’s oldest friends. You have the cutest family and its just about to get even cuter!


  4. Thanks for all the awesome comments everyone! We are so excited and it’s wonderful to have you share our excitement and our journey with us.


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