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We waited until the last day of the Chagall exhibit and went to AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) on Sunday. Procrastinators. It was a sunny and extremely cold day, perfect day for an indoor outing. We parked in Chinatown and walked a couple blocks to the gallery. The gallery was busy and the exhibit even busier. Even though several elevators were out staff were very accommodating and helped us find our way to quite possibly the largest elevator I have ever been on. It was our first big walking outing with the wheelchair and Sebastian ROCKED. I usually bring the stroller so he doesn’t get too tired, as he has to work hard to hold up his head and sit up in the wheelchair. I wanted him to be closer to the height of the paintings as well as the crowds of people. In the stroller he is often treated like a baby and crowds find him lost below the crowd. In the wheelchair he can see people and smile. It also makes it easier for us to engage him in discussion about the paintings. Which we did. I was so proud of him. I was also able to see how grown up he is getting and how important it is for him to be in the wheelchair, especially for such outings. We went to the exhibit, had lunch, and then did a bit of modern art exploration. Then Seb and I were ready for nap time!








I forgot my camera so did my best with the phone and a little photoshop express on the iPad. I love how interested Seb is in the artwork. What a fun day!


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  1. He does look like a big guy in his wheelchair, I am glad you had fun.
    I don’t know if you know this, but most major attractions in the city, you pay for the person using the wheelchair and one person gets in free as their attendant (usually the person pushing the chair at the time). I know it is weird to think of yourself like that, but always say, “one person using a wheelchair and two adults.” You can always show them the access pass too, so that you don’t have to say anything. They may look at you funny, but the discount is there for people to use it.


  2. Thanks Marjorie, we did use our Access to Entertainment pass from Easter Seals. I’m so thankful that we can use it. I know it does seem strange at first, but with the extra costs of therapies, it makes it affordable for us to do fun things around the city. I was going to include it in my post and forgot, so I’m glad you mentioned it!


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