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Motor Skills

This afternoon I was reading one of those updates for your baby at ‘this many’ weeks. For week 13, the motor skills are starting to develop with the fetus moving his/her arms and legs. My first thought? I imagined Sebastian’s arms and legs moving freely. I remembered him kicking my belly and moving around. I thought, Sebastian’s motor skills worked perfectly. Until he was born. There was a time where his body did everything easily, albeit in a tiny space. I was sad for a moment. Later in therapy I watched him hold himself up in side-sitting position, his hands in front of him, then reach his left hand up to push a button on the toy in front of him. He’s getting his motor skills back. Just in a different way. On a different path. One movement at a time.

Although the photo is a bit blurry from his movement, I absolutely love how proud he is of himself and the fun he is having.


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  1. Kara, I think about this a lot! especially during pregnancy. I always think Cooper was a different person in utero and then within an instant it all changed. Hope you are enjoying your Belly and great job Seb on the balance and co-ord and sitting so proudly xx


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